Dji goggles head tracking

Dji goggles head tracking светофильтр nd64 к дрону мавик эйр

Call Us 02 Will both head flight and gimbal tracking be possible with the P4 at some point for sure, or is the appearance of these features not guarunteed? Snapshot from the goggles manual:

But still it will be considered fpv. No, they are not. I wanted to goggles so I could use my drone in well lit areas as your new software prevented me from using my ipad4 tablet! This is a deal breaker and with 14 days return window, I and anyone else in my situational would appreciate a timely update So to be clear they will eventually release this firmware for the p4 to have head tracking right? Log in or sign up in seconds. Aardvark Offline Aardvark Captain Flight distance:

Droneflyers was among the first to get a pair of these new DJI Goggles to review - and we are putting them. Goggle firmware version: v When I updated my Mavic Pro, there was an update. 27 мая г. - Finished the link between DJI Goggles and Mavic today. Now I can see the Mavic camera view in the goggles. But when I move my head (with goggles on) or DJI Goggles Head Tracking Gimbal Not Working | DJI Mavic Drone.

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